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Jonathan Huener, Associate Professor of History at the University of Vermont


"This stimulating volume ...offers students and the interested general reader an excellent introduction to the topic...This very readable collection is ideally suited as a point of orientation for future research on the question of corporate behaviour and corporate social responsibility under the NS-dictatorship." - Ingo Kohler, in sehepunkte 5

"With its five concise case studies, the book gives a good insights into methods, trends and results of recent research." - Historische Zeitschrift

During the past decade, the role of Germany's economic elites under Hitler has once again moved into the limelight of historical research and public debate. This volume brings together a group of internationally renowned scholars who have been at the forefront of recent research. Their articles provide an up-to-date synthesis, which is as comprehensive as it is insightful, of current knowledge in this field. The result is a volume that offers students and interested readers a brief but focused introduction to the role of German businesses and industries in the crimes of Hitler's Third Reich. Not only does this book treat the subject in an accessible manner; it also emerges as particularly relevant in light of current controversies over the nature of business-state relations, corporate social responsibility, and globalization.

Francis R. Nicosia is the Raul Hilberg Distinguished Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Vermont. He has written on German Zionism and German Middle East policy during the Weimar and Nazi periods, and is author of The Third Reich and the Palestine Question, and co-author of The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust.

Jonathan Huener is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Vermont. He has written on aspects of memorial culture in postwar Germany and Poland, and is author of Auschwitz, Poland, and the Politics of Commemoration, 1945-1979.