PLU Engraved Ecovessel Bottle

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24oz custom PLU engraved insulated water bottle. Available in 3 exciting colors! 


EcoVessel creates premium hydration bottles, mugs, and tumblers that blend style and performance with a mission to reduce single-use plastics. EcoVessel is committed to sustainability. A minimum of 1% of sales is donated to various environmental and sustainable charities. 

TriMax insulated, recyclable, BPA free.

CARE AND CLEANING: Wash all parts with warm, soapy water before first use and for regular cleaning. Hand washing is recommended; a bottle brush is useful for thorough cleaning. Do not use bleach, chlorine, or abrasive cleansers. To wash the drinking spout, gently remove and wash in between the grooves. Dry well before replacing. To remove stains or odors, fill bottle with mixture of baking sode or white vinegar and water. Leave overnight and rinse well. Always allow bottle to dry completely, leaving the top off to avoid mildew from forming.

CAUTION: Use care when filling with hot drinks, especially near children. Do not overfill. After filling, make sure both lids are tightly closed. Use caution when using near electronics and items of value. If lids are not properly secured, there is a potential to leak. If filled with carbonated or hot drinks, unscrew top slowly to release pressure that may have built up and check for temperature comfort. Do not put in microwave or freezer. Not suitable for children under 3. Drinking spout could pose a choking hazard if chewed, bitten, or comes off.