The People's Gathering Conference

The People’s Gathering Conference is a professional/personal development learning experience and networking opportunity designed to move the (often dreaded) “Race Conversation” forward. The conference creates a supportive space in which participants engage in frank and open dialogue about race and racial disparities that are systemically present in work, school, and everyday life. They become more aware of how race shows up as structural barriers to realizing a diverse and inclusive environment and learn ways to navigate the sensitivity of it all by deepening personal understanding of the issues.

How people talk (or don’t talk) about race in their workplaces and educational environments is a strong indicator on whether an organization has an inclusive culture. It’s high-stakes!

This conference if offered through PLU's Continuing Education program and is intentionally preparing executives, managers, supervisors, administrators, faculty, students, and/or employees at all levels to engage in frank and, at most times, difficult conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion is a strategic action towards mitigating risk, improving communication, and increasing productivity.

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