Cookie of the Month

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Cookies will be delivered on the 1st Wednesday of every month (September will be on the 15th)

September: Oatmeal Craisin, the classic school time treat with chewy oats and moist craisins

October: Triple Chocolate, triple your chocolate with dark and white chocolate chunks in a dark chocolate cookie

November: Molasses Spice, a perfect balance of sweet and spice

December: Ginger White Chocolate Chip, smooth and mellow with a bite of candied ginger

February: Chocolate Truffle Cookies, love your valentine with dark dark intense chocolate cookies

March: Lemony Sugar Cookies, vanilla and lemon zest make this a perfect afternoon treat

April: Cowgirl Cookies, a moist and chewy cookie enriched with oats and packed with butterscotch chips and cashews

May: Snickerdoodles, round out the year with everybody’s favorite fun treat