Northstein, P. - AUGUST 7 1998: A DAY IN INFAMY - Paperback

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Phil Nothstein, PLU Alumni

"August 7th, 1998, was the first day of significant American decline. A second look at the 1990s is long overdue.

America is clearly a damaged nation. Who is more responsible for this damage than anyone else? Who is responsible for two stock market crashes in the lost decade? Who bears more responsibility for not protecting the nation from 9/11? Who put in the policy that caused the financial crisis? What costs are these events to the country and its people?

What we do know is that trillions of dollars vanished in the lost decade, and it is a blow that will hold the country back from its potential. As Phil Nothstein explains in August 7th 1998: A Day in Infamy, the Clinton administration was not paying attention in the late 1990s because their thoughts were on sexual exploits and perjury. What needed to happen in 1998 was all-out war to avoid the catastrophes of the twenty-first century. It doesn't happen very often, but war can not only stop death and destruction, it can build peace and prosperity. War was declared against America in 1998 by Osama Bin Laden, and Bill Clinton failed to act. This failure damaged America at levels the country has never seen since the Great Depression." -

ISBN: 978-1-5898-2813-1