Dwork, D. & van Pelt, R.J. - AUSCHWITZ REVISED AND UPDATED - Paperback

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No symbol of the Holocaust is more profound than Auschwitz. Yet the sheer, crushing number of murders over 1,200,000 the overwhelming scale of the crime, and the vast, abandoned site of ruined chimneys and rusting barbed wire isolate Auschwitz from us. How could an ordinary town become a site of such terror? Why was this particular town chosen? Who conceived, created, and constructed the camp? This unprecedented history reveals how an unremarkable Polish village was transformed into a killing field. Using architectural designs and planning documents recently discovered in Poland and Russia and over 200 illustrations, "Auschwitz" tells how this town became the epicenter of the Final Solution. A National Jewish Book Award winner.

ISBN: 978-0-3933-2291-0