D. Huddle - NOTHING CAN MAKE ME DO THIS - Paperback

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David Huddle, MFA Author and Mentor at Pacific Lutheran University

Fiction. Can we ever truly know another person, however well-loved? Brainy, decent, funny, and likeable, the members of Horace Houseman's family and his closest friend possess quirky and compelling interior lives that they reveal to no one else. NOTHING CAN MAKE ME DO THIS, David Huddle's tenth work of fiction, enters the minds of Horace, Eve, Hannah, Clara, Bill, and others over fifty years, leaping in chronology and intersecting the vantage points, in a kaleidoscopic vision of a contemporary clan (and their secrets).

"Huddle takes us into the intimate heart of a family, the desires that we keep from each other and often from ourselves. Huddle has the courage and skill to travel these secret spaces and bring to light our loneliness and our longing.... In NOTHING CAN MAKE ME DO THIS, Huddle gives us—that rare revelatory and redeeming experience of seeing and becoming those others, which is why we read and need his novels." - Julia Alvarez

ISBN: 978-1936797110