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Digital Clinical Experiences allow nursing students to demonstrate and perfect their clinical reasoning skills through life-like interactions with Digital Standardized Patients. Digital Clinical Experiences are powered by our conversation engine and assessed using our proprietary Student Performance Index™.


Utilizing our natural language conversation engine, students engage in open-ended conversations to gather subjective data and practice patient-centered communication. 


Students perform tests and use instruments to gather and then record objective patient data.


Students synthesize their findings and compare their work to an exemplar's model note. 


Students engage in debriefing immediately following every assignment, and are given feedback on the discrete components of clinical reasoning measured by our validated Student Performance Index.


Shadow Health Codes are not auto-generated. 
They are sent out during business hours Mon - Fri. 
During peak times we try to send codes out several times a day.
If you order a code after 5pm it will be sent out to you the next day. 
If ordered after 5pm on Friday, it will be sent out on Monday. 
Thank you for your understanding.